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Title Papers
Creator Stickles, Arndt Mathis, 1872-1968
Description Correspondence, both personal and professional, as well as research material related to books and articles published by Arndt Mathis Stickles, a native of Indiana and a professor of history at Western Kentucky University from 1908 to 1954. His most popular book was "Simon Bolivar Buckner: Borderland Knight."
Collection Manuscripts
Object Name Correspondence
Date 1821
Year Range From 1821
Year Range To 1996
Other Number MSS 209
Subjects Clubs
Forts & fortifications
Historical markers
Social life
Western Kentucky University
World War II, 1939-1945
People Anderson, Carl
Anderson, Catherine G.
Aycock, William B.
Baker, E. Balie
Baldwin, Ben R.
Barry, William Taylor, 1785-1835
Bartlett, Clarence, 1895-1977
Beckner, Lucien, 1872-1963
Belknap, Walter Kingsbury, 1886-1954
Bent, Silas, 1882-1945
Birney, James Gillespie, 1792-1857
Bodley, Temple, 1852-1940
Boyle, John, 1774-1835
Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson, 1800-1871
Bryan, William Lowe, 1860-1955
Buckner, Simon Bolivar, 1823-1914
Buckner, Simon Bolivar, Jr., 1886-1945
Buckner, Thomas A.
Burton, Alonzo Carroll, 1867-1933
Cadle, E. Howard
Caperton, Katherine Phelps
Cargile, Georgia Love (Hendrick), 1904-2002
Carmony, Donald F., 1910-2005
Carver, Gayle Raymond, 1913-2005
Cherry, Harold S., 1900-1986
Cherry, Henry Hardin, 1864-1937
Chinn, George Morgan, 1902-1987
Clarke, Charles R.
Clay, Mary Jane (Warfield), 1815-1900
Clements, Earle Chester, 1896-1985
Cochran, John H.
Coffman, Elizabeth Ann (Stickles), d. 1960
Coffman, George H.
Coffman, Luther
Coffman, Walter
Colley, William L., 1892-1955
Collicott, J. G.
Conley, E. T.
Corliss, C. J.
Couch, William T.
Coulter, Ellis Merton, 1890-1981
Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-1979
Curry, Luard C., 1892-1963
Daniel, Pansy Ann
Desha, Joseph, 1768-1842
Dewese, William M.
DeWitt, John H.
Dockery, D. M.
Donovan, Herman Lee, 1887-1964
Donovan, James G.
Dooley, Oscar S.
Duncan, Fannie Casseday, 1840-1893
Eckenrode, Hamilton James, b. 1881
Elliott, Charles Winslow, b. 1887
Fenley, Mary W.
Finn, Laurence B., 1873-1953
Fletcher, Kenyon S.
Galloway, Irene
Ganoe, William A.
Garrett, Paul Loos, 1893-1955
Goebel, William Justus, 1856-1900
Goudy, William C., 1824-1893
Gough, Hattie Hefel
Graham, Christopher Columbus, 1784-1885
Green, Robert Powell, 1882-1963
Guilliams, John M., 1857-1944
Guthrie, E. D.
Haldeman, Bruce, 1862-1948
Hancock, Homer V.
Hardin, Ben, 1784-1852
Hartford, Ellis Ford, 1905-1980
Headman, Mary Hoss
Hickman, Elliott
Hickman, Willis
Hill, Daniel Harvey, 1821-1889
Hill, Richard H., d. 1973
Hines, Thomas Henry, 1838-1898
Johnson, C. J.
Kany, Julius F.
King, H. A.
Kingsbury, Henry W.
Kingsbury, Julius J. B.
Knauer, Ora Brand
Kohlmeier, A. L.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Logan, Benjamin
Logan, Marvel Mills, 1875-1939
Lowman, Josephine (Cherry), 1899-1983
Lynch, William O.
Mack, George H.
Magoffin, Beriah, 1815-1885
Magoffin, Ebenezer
Magoffin, Elizabeth Clay Rogers
Mason, Sue Belle
McCain, William D.
McCalister, Virginia
McClure, Charles R.
McLean, Mattie M., 1882-1954
McMurtry, R. Gerald
McNeill, Byrdie
Meacham, Lizzie T.
Moorman, Lily (Buckner)
Morgan, W. T.
Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989
Morton, W. Warren
Natcher, William Huston, 1909-1994
Neeman, Edward J.
Nelson, William D., 1824-1862
Neuman, Fred Gus, b. 1893
Nevins, Allan, 1890-1971
Noe, James Thomas Cotton, 1864-1953
Orchard, Dorothy Mack
Oshiro, James Takeichi
Osthaus, Carl R.
Payne, Annie Faxon
Perguson, Dee Carl, Jr., 1921-2010
Perling, Joseph Jerry, d. 1967
Pogue, Forrest C., d. 2008
Poteet, James H., 1896-1984
Ramsdell, Charles William, 1877-1942
Regan, Lena Logan
Reynolds, Frank B.
Richards, D. H.
Riggs, Shelby A.
Riis, Jacob A., 1849-1914
Robertson, George W., 1790-1874
Ross, Innes B.
Rothert, Otto Arthur, 1871-1956
Rouse, Alice
Rowland, Dunbar
Rust, Frances Marion
Sachs, Emanie Louise (Nahm), 1893-1981
Satterfield, Lula Adams
Seemann, A. R.
Sherwood, Henry Noble, 1882-1956
Sims, J. Thaxter
Sims, Nathaniel Porter, 1887-1959
Smith, J. C.
Smith, Wallace (Mrs.)
Stanley, Osso Willis, 1887-1963
Stantz, Mary
Stephenson, Wendell H.
Sternheim, Emanuel
Stickles, Arndt Mathis, 1872-1968
Stickles, Elizabeth Hume, d. 1954
Stickles, Emery A.
Stickles, Harriet Henry, b. 1919
Stickles, Henry W., d. 1913
Stickles, James Channing, b. 1923
Stickles, John
Stickles, Laura Gorden (Chambers), d. 1953
Stickles, Lizzie
Strahm, Franz Joseph, 1867-1941
Street, John O.
Swinford, Mac, 1899-1975
Swisshelm, Emmett, b. 1898
Tandy, W. T.
Temple, Alvis Howard, 1904-1992
Thompson, E. Kelly, 1909-1993
Thruston, Rogers Clark Ballard, 1858-1946
Townsend, William Henry, 1890-1964
Tyler, Sara Elizabeth, 1910-2001
Underwood, Joseph Rogers, 1791-1876
Veatch, Daisy Flower
Vincent, Raymond L.
Wampler, Asaher H., 1877-1979
Williams, Hal O.
Williamson, Eskay S.
Wilson, Alexander Gordon, 1888-1970
Withers, Garrett Lee, 1884-1953
Wood, Walton
Woods, R. H.
Woodson, Elizabeth Scott
Wyatt, Thomas
Young, Leonard
Search Terms Bowling Green Water Works
Bowling Green, KY
Calendar Club (Bowling Green, KY)
Campaigns, battles, military actions
Civil War, 1861-1865
Colonial Court Apartments (Bowling Green, KY)
Commercial Insurance Company of New Orleans
Dripping Springs Baptist Church (Edmonson County, KY)
Elkhart, Indiana
Evansville, IN
Fort Donelson, Battle of, TN
Fort Donelson, TN
Indiana University
Kentucky Building (WKU)
Kentucky Civil War, 1861-1865 Centennial Commission
Kentucky Gazette
Kentucky Historical Society
Mammoth Cave National Park Association
Maple syrup
Owens County, IN
Patricksburg, IN
Stickles family
Warren County, KY
Western Kentucky State College
Western Kentucky State Normal School
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Catalog Number 1969.6.1
Dates of Creation 1821-1996
Caption MSS 209 Arndt Mathis Stickles
Extent 15 boxes. 129 folders. 2,707 items. Originals and Photocopies.
Number of Images 1