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Title Records
Creator Ferguson, Nora (Young), 1882-1969
Description Personal and family correspondence, papers, and genealogical research materials of Nora (Young) Ferguson, a native of Richardsville, Warren County, Kentucky. Includes original land, estate and guardianship records, and other early county records which Mrs. Ferguson was permitted to remove from the Warren County Courthouse for microfilming prior to its renovation in 1957.
Collection Manuscripts
Object Name Records
Date 1783
Year Range From 1783
Year Range To 1969
Other Number MSS 379
Subjects Almshouses
Beauty contests
Bonds (Negotiable instruments)
Christmas cards
Civil defense
Civil service
Greeting cards
Guardian and ward
Marriage certificates
Membership certificates
Methodist churches
Military life
Municipal government
Report cards
Revolutions --America --History --18th century.
Stock certificates
Taverns (Inns)
World War II, 1939-1945
People AhSan, Ida Pearl (Warfield), 1907-1974
Ashby, Imogene
Ashworth, Dan D.
Ashworth, Sue
Beauchamp, Peter R.
Black, Leota Hulse
Breathitt, Edward Thompson "Ned," 1924-2003
Breckinridge, John Bayne, 1913-1979
Briney, Russell, 1900-1966
Bush, Anna E., 1888-1965
Bush, William E.
Calvert, Thomas Chalmers Hall, 1826-1898
Carlock, Edna
Chandler, Albert Benjamin, 1898-1991
Cherry, Bessie (Swartz), 1871-1951
Cherry, Thomas Crittenden, 1862-1947
Coleman, John Winston, Jr., 1898-1983
Collins, Geraldine Ellen (Young)
Combs, Bertram Thomas, 1911-1991
Coombs, Elizabeth Robertson, 1893-1988
Covington, Elijah M., 1773-1848
Craddock, Robert Edward, 1757-1837
Cromwell, Emma Guy, 1865-1952
Dingman, Muriel Adina (Young), 1921-1994
Duckett, Chester B., 1891-1988
Duckett, Susann
Duckett, Zula (Young), 1890-1984
Easter, George M.
Evans, Gilberta Knickerbocker, 1917-1998
Fee, Eve Roxanne (Evans)
Ferguson, Frank Wilbur, 1881-1922
Ferguson, James Francis, d. 1931
Finn, Elizabeth
Fowler, Ada Davenport, 1891-1985
Garrett, Paul Loos, 1893-1955
Guilliams, John M., 1857-1944
Helm, Margie May, 1894-1991
Hinds, Charles F.
Hughes, Lyda F.
James, Martha Joyce (Young)
Jones, Amasa Webb, 1867-1959
Jones, Bertha (Young)
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, 1917-1963
Mann, John Franklin
McClean, Roberta, 1882-1975
McGhee, Grace
McLean, Mattie M., 1882-1954
Moore, Hugh, 1750-1833
Moore, Robert, d. 1819
Natcher, William Huston, 1909-1994
Page, George Vernon, 1890-1985
Paul, Ethel
Paul, Frank
Polley, Chester F., 1932-2001
Ray, John
Runner, Henderson James, 1854-1923
Runner, John W.
Runner, William Elgin, 1839-1895
Skiles, Jacob, 1765-1816
Temple, Alvis Howard, 1904-1992
Temple, William Montgomery, 1893-1967
Trout, Allan Mitchell, 1903-1973
Van Weezep, John, 1925-2007
Walker, Milburn W.
Wilson, Alexander Gordon, 1888-1970
Young, Ada
Young, Arch, 1892-1985
Young, Austin
Young, Carl H.
Young, Dewitt Carlton
Young, Edward Green, 1857-1948
Young, Edwin
Young, Florence
Young, Hallie
Young, Harry D., 1897-1970
Young, Heber, 1886-1979
Young, Henry Allen, b. 1856
Young, Homer, 1895-1966
Young, Joseph Warner, 1831-1903
Young, Maud M., b. 1879
Young, Robbie
Young, Sarah Jane (Runner), 1862-1952
Young, Violet N.
Young, Walker
Young, Walton
Search Terms Adams Express Company
Adams family
Alexander family
American Association of University Women
Apprentices--United States
Arendell family
Bacon family
Bain family
Ballard family
Barnett family
Barrick family
Basham family
Bate family
Baylor family
Bell family
Berry family
Bethlehem Institution (St. John, KY)
Bills and notes
Blackburn family
Blackford family
Blackwell family
Blakey family
Bohon family
Bolton family
Bondurant family
Bowen family
Bowman family
Bratton family
Briggs family
Bruce family
Buchanon family
Burdine family
Caldwell family
Campbell family
Carlisle family
Carter family
Cartwright family
Cave City, KY
Cecilian College (Cecilia, KY)
Chapman family
Chastain family
Cherry family
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Civil War, 1861-1865
Clayton family
Clement family
Cochran family
Comer family
Compton family
Cook family
Cooke family
Cooksey family
Cooney family
Corder family
Couper family
Court records
Covington family
Cowles family
Cox family
Cummings family
Daughters of the American Revolution
Davenport family
Detroit, MI
Dingman family
Dodd family
Donaldson family
Donoho family
Drake family
Duff family
Dugger family
Dumas family
Duncan family
Dunn family
Durham family
Eades family
Easter family
Edens family
Ederington family
Edmonds family
Edmunds family
Eubank family
Ewing family
Feland family
Ferguson family
Figg family
Finnell family
Flood family
Flora family
Floyd family
Fontaine family
Ford family
Fowler family
Gaines family
Garrison family
Georges family
Gevedon family
Gildersleeve family
Gill family
Gillespie family
Gilmore family
Givens family
Gladish family
Glenn family
Gold Belt Development and Reduction Company
Goodall family
Goode family
Goodnight family
Goodrum family
Gott family
Grammer family
Graves family
Greathouse family
Green River Union Cemetery Improvement Association
Green River Union Church (Warren County, KY)
Grubbs family
Guerrant family
Haines family
Hall family
Hamilton family
Hammett family
Hampton family
Harding family
Hare family
Harlow family
Harris family
Harrison family
Hatcher family
Haynes family
Hays family
Hazlewood family
Heard family
Hegarty family
Heine family
Henry family
Herrington family
Hicklin family
Hicks family
Higginbotham family
High Street School (Bowling Green, KY)
Hightower family
Hill family
Hines family
Historical markers
Hite family
Holder family
Home economics extension workers
Home front
Honaker family
Houk family
Hudnall family
Hudspeth family
Hughart family
Hughes family
Hunt family
Illinois Emergency Relief Commission
Indiana University
Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
Inman family
Inscore family
Isbell family
Jacobs family
Jenkins family
Jennings family
Johnson family
Kendrick family
Kentucky Historical Society (Frankfort, KY)
Keown family
Key family
Kimbrough family
Kirby family
Lair family
Lamastus family
Land - Transactions (Sales, Purchases, Transfers)
Land titles
Lanier family
Law cases
League of Women Voters (Bowling Green, KY)
Lehew family
Letcher family
Lewis family
Likens family
Lockhart family
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Loving family
Low family
Lowery family
Lucas family
Lusk family
MacDonald family
Madison County, IL
Mannen family
Manning family
Maxey family
McBride family
McChesney family
McClung family
McCord family
McEntire family
McFaddin family
McHone family
McKee family
McKinney family
Meredith family
Merrill family
Miller family
Mingus family
Mitchell family
Monroe County, KY
Moore family
Morehead family
Morehead House (Bowling Green, KY)
Mormon Church
Morris family
Morrow family
Morton family
Mother's Day
Motley family
Mulkey family
Nanny family
Nashville Female Academy (Nashville, TN)
National Society Daughters of the Union 1861-1865, Inc.
Nave family
Nazareth Academy (Bardstown, KY)
Neace family
Neal family
Nelson family
Old Mulkey Meeting House State Park (Monroe County, KY)
Owsley family
P. J. Potter & Co., Bankers (Bowling Green, KY)
Pace family
Park family
Parker family
Parrish family
Patrick family
Penner family
Polk family
Pope County, IL
Posey family
Potroff family
Power of attorney
Price family
Purvis family
Quisenberry family
Ragland family
Randolph family
Rasdall family
Rawlins family
Ray family
Ray's Branch Seminary (Warren County, KY)
Raymer family
Read family
Red Cross
Rees family
Rennick family
Renshaw family
Revolutionary War
Rice family
Rice family
Richards family
Richardsville Methodist Church (Richardsville, KY)
Rissler family
Roberts family
Rogers family
Rone family
Roseberry family
Rowland family
Rude family
Runner family
Russell family
Shields family
Shirley family
Skiles family
Skinner family
Slaughter family
Sledge family
Smart family
Sneed family
Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL)
Southern Normal School (Bowling Green, KY)
Stanfield family
Stanley family
Steele family
Sterrett family
Stewart family
Stinnett family
Stockton family
Strickland family
Stringfield family
Stuart family
Tax receipts
Taylor family
Tebbett family
Temple family
Thurman family
Tigert family
Tipton family
Towner family
Upton family
Van Sandt family
Venable family
Vermillion family
Vertrees family
VonTress family
Wade family
Walker family
Wallace family
Ward family
Warfield family
Warren County Anti-Liquor Association (Warren County, KY)
Warren County Historical Society (Warren County, KY)
Warren County, KY
Warren family
Watkins family
Watt family
Webb family
West family
Western Kentucky State Normal School
Whallen family
White family
Whiteside family
Whittington family
Williams family
Wilson family
Wolverton family
Wood family
Woodson family
Woodward family
Yancey family
Young family
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Catalog Number 2011.134.1
Dates of Creation 1783-1969
Caption Nora Young Ferguson
Extent 24 boxes. 481 folders. 7,866 items. Originals, photocopies and photographs.
Number of Images 1