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Name Clagett, Marjorie Elizabeth, 1900-2000
Place of Birth Bowling Green, Warren County, Ky.
Place of Death Bowling Green, Warren County, Ky.
Role Academic
Archives Entries 22
Library Entries 2
Object Entries 3
Photo Entries 1

Associated Records

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Papers -

Letters and cards from friends while Charles Royce Arterburn, Monroe County, Kentucky, is serving in the U.S. Army. Also, cards and letters to Arterburn after his discharge, chiefly from friends who remained in the service.

Image of Papers - Travelstead, Chester

Papers - Travelstead, Chester

Chiefly personal and professional correspondence, speeches, journal articles, reminiscences and news clippings of noted educator Chester Coleman Travelstead. Of particular interest are the materials related to his 1955 dismissal from the University of South Carolina owing to his stance on racial integration. Also includes correspondence and diaries of his mother Nelle (Gooch) Travelstead, long-time Western Kentucky University faculty member.

Image of Papers - Robertson, Gabrielle, 1889-1970

Papers - Robertson, Gabrielle, 1889-1970

Chiefly letters to Gabrielle Robertson, History Department faculty member, Western Kentucky University, 1916 to 1960. Of particular interest are those letters from former students serving in the military during World War II. Also includes genealogical materials and family photographs.

Image of Papers - Temple Family

Papers - Temple Family

Correspondence; financial and legal papers; genealogy and other material related to the Temple family of Warren County, Kentucky, particularly that of Adalaska L. and Mary Camilla (Miller) Temple and their daughter Ruth Hines Temple. Over 400 pieces of artwork on paper by the later are found in the collection, including pencil, as well as, pen and ink drawings, watercolors, pastels, and other graphic and creative design work.

No Image Available

Papers - Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani - Trappist, Kentucky

Photocopy of document titled "Fondation de Gethsemani 1848." [French] 19 leaves, with 8 copied pages to a leaf. Includes handwritten notations on text, probably by Marjorie Clagget.

Image of Papers - Kentucky Library & Museum

Papers - Kentucky Library & Museum

Correspondence between authors and researchers and staff of the Kentucky Library & Museum, primarily regarding historical and genealogical resources. Correspondents also write about their work and publications.

Image of Papers - Wilson, Ivan, 1889-1981

Papers - Wilson, Ivan, 1889-1981

Correspondence, photographs, sketches and drawings, writings, journals and clippings of or relating to Ivan Wilson, an artist and faculty member in the Art Department at Western Kentucky University from 1920 to 1958. Includes some materials related to other artists.

Image of Papers - Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-1979

Papers - Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-1979

Correspondence, book and article manuscripts, and research material of Alfred Leland Crabb, a native of Plum Springs, Warren County, Kentucky and a professor at George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tennessee. The topics of the manuscripts include historical fiction related to Nashville and Bowling Green, biographies of prominent Nashvillians, articles on all levels of education. Some of the unpublished material is fictional but draws from his Plum Springs school days and his experiences at Western Kentucky University.

Image of Papers - Perguson, Dee Carl, Jr., 1921-2010

Papers - Perguson, Dee Carl, Jr., 1921-2010

Correspondence and diaries of Dee Carl Perguson, Jr., Horse Branch, Ohio County, Kentucky, and Seattle, Washington. Of interest are his letters written while serving in World War II in the United States, North Africa, and Italy, and his later memoirs of this period. Also of interest are diaries of his years as a student at Western Kentucky State Teachers College, 1939-1943. The collection also includes his recollections of growing up in Horse Branch in the 1920s and 1930s.

Image of Papers - Moore, Mary (Taylor) Leiper, 1885-1973

Papers - Moore, Mary (Taylor) Leiper, 1885-1973

Radio scripts, correspondence, research notes, and newspaper clippings of Kentucky Building director, Mary (Taylor) Leiper Moore. Moore served as director of the Kentucky Building at Western Kentucky University from 1931 to 1956. Also includes articles and speeches written by Moore.

Image of Papers - Morton, David, 1886-1957

Papers - Morton, David, 1886-1957

Correspondence of David Morton, correspondence concerning Morton Collection, speeches, essays, manuscript of "Entries for a Diary" and "The Amateur Listener" -- diary, poems, pamphlets, and miscellaneous items of Morton, a poet and English professor born in Elkton, Kentucky.

Image of Papers - Whitaker, Frances J. "Thomas," 1916-1994

Papers - Whitaker, Frances J. "Thomas," 1916-1994

Correspondence, research notes and manuscript articles of Frances J. "Thomas" Whitaker, a Benedictine monk who lived and worked at St. Maur's Priory, formerly the South Union Shaker Village in Logan County, Kentucky, from 1954-1988. He amassed a large collection of photocopied research material on the South Union community as well as other Shaker villages and museums in the United States. Also includes his research on various Catholic topics.

Image of Papers - Morton, David

Papers - Morton, David

Letter, 19 March 1949, to Marjorie Clagett, Bowling Green, Kentucky, from poet David Morton, Deerfield, Massachusetts, concerning his visit to Western Kentucky State College, Bowling Green. Also, a printed copy of one of his poems as requested. Morton was originally from Elkton, Todd County, Kentucky.

Image of Papers - Wilson, Emma (Allbritten)

Papers - Wilson, Emma (Allbritten)

Letters, 1962-1976 (24), written by Emma (Allbritten) Wilson, Bowling Green and Hazel, Kentucky, to Betty Hemming, England; booklet and letter, 1976, written by Betty relating how her family met Mr. Wilson in 1935; letter to Betty written by Mr. Wilson, telling of Emma's death; correspondence, 1977-1978 (5), between Betty and Pat Hodges, Kentucky Library, concerning the collection.

Image of Papers - Woolfolk, Dorothy (Gregory)

Papers - Woolfolk, Dorothy (Gregory)

Letter written to Marjorie Clagett, Bowling Green, Kentucky, from Dorothy (Gregory) Woolfolk, Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky, in which she describes the tornado that devastated the town on 3 April 1974.

Image of Papers - Wilson, Alexander Gordon, 1888-1970

Papers - Wilson, Alexander Gordon, 1888-1970

Correspondence, published and unpublished writing, and research of Alexander Gordon Wilson, faculty member in the English department of Western Kentucky University from 1915-1959. Includes genealogical and autobiographical material as well as extensive research data and writing on the ornithology of Bowling Green and Warren County, Kentucky, on folklore and linguistics, and on the ornithology and folkways of the Mammoth Cave region of Edmonson County, Kentucky.

Image of Records - Pace Family

Records - Pace Family

Pace family documents (chiefly related to land transactions) including deeds, land grants, mortgages; as well as Bible records for the Pace and related families, and probate records. A significant portion of the collection documents the garden club activities of Lillian (Tynes) Pace and her efforts to have the Viceroy butterfly designated as the Kentucky state butterfly.

Image of Papers - Perguson, Dee Carl, 1921-2010

Papers - Perguson, Dee Carl, 1921-2010

Letters of Ohio County, Kentucky native Dee Carl Perguson, written to Marjorie Clagett, his French teacher at Western Kentucky State Teachers College, during his World War II military service and afterward. He writes observantly of military life while training in Ohio, Georgia and Pennsylvania, of his experiences while serving in North Africa and Italy, and of his reassignment to Florida after suffering an arm wound. He also describes local plant life to Clagett, an accomplished amateur botanist. After the war, he writes from England during his postgraduate study. Settled in Seattle, Washington, he writes of his interest in plant life and of his cultural and church activities. Also inclu

Image of Papers - Clagett, Marjorie Elizabeth, 1900-2000 - Letters to

Papers - Clagett, Marjorie Elizabeth, 1900-2000 - Letters to

Letters to WKU French teacher Marjorie Clagett from students serving with U.S. armed forces during World War II describing their experiences in North Africa, France, England and the Philippines. Future Army historian Jean E. Keith writes descriptively of an Equator-crossing ritual, of the Philippines after the Japanese occupation, and of China at the close of the war.

Image of Papers - Clagett, Marjorie Elizabeth, 1900-2000

Papers - Clagett, Marjorie Elizabeth, 1900-2000

Correspondence and papers of Marjorie E. Clagett, a WKU faculty member who taught French from 1928-1964. Includes field notes and slides relating to her studies of flora in south central Kentucky, Great Britain and other habitats in the United States, and research materials relating to the history of the French in Kentucky. Also includes correspondence, photographs and genealogical data of the Clagett, Northcott, Strange and associated families.