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Name Clay, Henry, 1777-1852
Birth Date 4/12/1777
Place of Birth Hanover Co., VA
Death Date 6/29/1852
Place of Death Washington, D.C.
Father John Clay
Mother Elizabeth Hudson
Spouse Lucretia Hart
Children Henrietta Clay
Theodore Wythe Clay
Thomas Hart Clay
Susan Hart Clay
Anne Brown Clay
Lucretia Clay
Henry Clay Jr.
Eliza Clay
Laura Clay
James Brown Clay
John Morrison Clay
Relationships Democratic-Republican Party
National Republican Party
Whig Party
Places of Residence Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky
Nationality American
Occupation Kentucky House of Representatives - 1803, 1808
U. S. Senate - 1806-1807, 1810-1811, 1831, 1836, 1848
U. S. House of Representatives - 1810, 1812, 1814, 1816, 1818, 1822, 1824
Candidate for President - 1824 (Democratic-Republican Party), 1832 (National Republican Party), 1844 (Whig Party)
Role Political
Archives Entries 73
Library Entries 12
Object Entries 17
Photo Entries 3
Notes Henry Clay's political career was fraught with elections and resignations.

Associated Records

Image of Henry Clay -

Henry Clay -

27 x 21 cm. Hand-colored lithograph of Henry Clay. The piece is entitled "Clay." The image features two small inset images; a bust, vase and urn are at the top of the image; at the bottom, Clay is shown making a presentation to a group of men seated around a table.

Image of Papers - Clay, Henry, 1777-1852

Papers - Clay, Henry, 1777-1852

Letter from Henry Clay to Jacob Stratton outlining the Whig Party's objectives, 13 September 1842. (Facsimilie)

Image of Henry Clay Monument -

Henry Clay Monument -

Henry Clay Monument, Lexington Ky by Wren and King, no. 1665.

Image of Papers - Green Family

Papers - Green Family

Correspondence of the Green family, Falls of Rough, Kentucky, including business papers and account books, and correspondence of several generations of the Robert Wilmot Scott family, originally of Frankfort, Kentucky.

Image of Papers - Rowan Family

Papers - Rowan Family

Correspondence, business and legal papers, clippings, etc., of John Rowan, Sr., 1773-1843, lawyer, judge, U.S. Representative and Senator, and owner of Federal Hill, Bardstown, Kentucky; and of John Rowan, Jr., 1807-1855, master of Federal Hill and U.S. charge d'affaires to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, 1848-1850.

No Image Available

Papers - Keith, Jean E.

Paper: "The Whig Party in Kentucky, 1847-1851: Whig Against Whig, North Against South, East Against West" written by Jean E. Keith while she was a student at Western Kentucky State Teachers College, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Includes an eight-page annotated bibliography.

Image of Papers - Philips, Emanie (Nahm) Sachs Arling, 1893-1981

Papers - Philips, Emanie (Nahm) Sachs Arling, 1893-1981

Professional correspondence, short stories, book and story manuscripts, author's notes, reviews, and primary and secondary research materials relating to the literary career of Emanie Louise (Nahm) Sachs Arling Philips, a Bowling Green native. Includes some photographs, notices and reviews relating to her work as an artist, family biographical material, and personal correspondence.

Image of Papers - Underwood, Joseph Rogers, 1791-1876

Papers - Underwood, Joseph Rogers, 1791-1876

Letters to John J. Crittenden from Joseph Rogers Underwood and his brother Warner Lewis Underwood, Bowling Green, chiefly related to the political situation in Kentucky and the United States from 1820 to 1859. Also, one letter to Crittenden from J.B. Temple related to a possible 1852 Senatorial contest between Crittenden and Joseph Rogers Underwood.

Image of Papers - Smith, Kerry D., b. 1963

Papers - Smith, Kerry D., b. 1963

Paper titled "The Green Family of Falls of Rough" by Kerry D. Smith submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the History Honors Program at Western Kentucky University.

No Image Available

Papers - Weldy, Margaret Alcestis

"George Dennison Prentice, Editor of the 'Louisville Journal,' 1830-1869" by Margaret Alcestis Weldy, a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Science degree, Columbia University, New York, New York, 1929.

Image of H. Clay -

H. Clay -

Engraving of Henry Clay, surrounded by decorative scrollwork and small scenes. Caption at the top reads "I WOULD RATHER BE RIGHT THAN PRESIDENT".

Image of Henry Clay -

Henry Clay -

Colorized print of Henry Clay, produced from the original by Marlin and Johnson.

Image of H. Clay -

H. Clay -

Engraving of Henry Clay on waterstained paper

Image of The Trump of Fame -

The Trump of Fame -

An eight stanza poem in honor of Mrs.H.P. Murrell, "a true Whig lady," composed by a member of the Bowling Green Whig Club.

Image of Papers - Hart, Nathaniel, Jr., 1770-1844

Papers - Hart, Nathaniel, Jr., 1770-1844

Letter, 25 April 1813, from Nathaniel Hart, Jr., Spring Hill, Woodford County, Kentucky to Henry Clay, Washington, D.C., asking Clay to present a claim for him to the Secretary of the Treasury for reimbursement for a trip he made in October 1812 to deliver treasury notes to banks in Chillicothe, Ohio and Frankfort, Kentucky.

Image of Papers - Frazer Family Papers

Papers - Frazer Family Papers

Letters to James Frazer, Barren County, Kentucky, from his brothers, Jeremiah, 1824-1849 (9 items), and Martin, 1833-1848 (4). Other papers include legal receipts and notes of James, who served as sheriff, county treasurer and county court member of Barren County, 1822-1846 (2) and an inventory of James Frazer's estate, 1797.

Image of Papers - Underwood Family

Papers - Underwood Family

Correspondence, diaries, paper and genealogical materials of Joseph Rogers Underwood, U.S. Senator from Bowling Green, Kentucky, his wife Elizabeth Cox Underwood, his brother Warner Lewis Underwood, and his brother, John Cox Underwood, 1791-1912.

Image of Papers - Scott, William Kennedy, 1788-1879

Papers - Scott, William Kennedy, 1788-1879

Letter from Dr. William Kennedy Scott, Buffalo, New York, to his uncle Samuel Younglove, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He discusses the completion and printing of family memoirs and comments on current presidential election issues. Includes Samuel Younglove's letter to his cousin Timothy Younglove, written and forwarded on the same paper, with proposals on how to complete the memoirs project.

Image of H. Clay - Chappel, Alonzo

H. Clay - Chappel, Alonzo

Engraving of H. Clay, "Likeness from a Portrait in the possession of his family."

Image of H. Clay - Jackman, W. G.

H. Clay - Jackman, W. G.

Engraving of H. Clay