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Name Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989
Other Names Margaret Jane (Hines) Morningstar
Archives Entries 35
Object Entries 1

Associated Records

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Letter to Jane (Hines) Morningstar, Bowling Green, Kentucky, which discusses the diary of Josephine Calvert. Included are notes by Evelyn Cormick about the diary.

Image of Bowling Green Public Library Board

Bowling Green Public Library Board -

Telegram from the Bowling Green Public Library Board refusing to accept Morningstar's resignation from the Board. April 20, 1955.

Image of Stickles, Arndt Mathis, 1872-1968

Stickles, Arndt Mathis, 1872-1968 -

Correspondence, both personal and professional, as well as research material related to books and articles published by Arndt Mathis Stickles, a native of Indiana and a professor of history at Western Kentucky University from 1908 to 1954. His most popular book was "Simon Bolivar Buckner: Borderland Knight."

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Rose, John Landon, b. 1905 -

Letters (2) from John Landon Rose to Jane Morningstar and an accompanying news clipping related to the Fitch family visiting the Mouth of Gasper.

Image of Travelstead, Chester

Travelstead, Chester -

Chiefly personal and professional correspondence, speeches, journal articles, reminiscences and news clippings of noted educator Chester Coleman Travelstead. Of particular interest are the materials related to his 1955 dismissal from the University of South Carolina owing to his stance on racial integration. Also includes correspondence and diaries of his mother Nelle (Gooch) Travelstead, long-time Western Kentucky University faculty member.

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Thomas, Mabel (Finney), 1897-1988 -

Typescripted diaries of Mabel Thomas, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, relating to her travel in Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. Inlcudes cards and letters to Thomas relating to travel by others in Africa, Alaska, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, Japan, and New England.

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Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989 -

Correspondence, chiefly of the Covington family of Bowling Green, Kentucky, particularly that of Dr. Albert G. and Josephine (Wells) Covington. Also includes reference letters written to Jane (Hines) Morningstar about local history topics, including steamboats and the Hobson House Association.

Image of Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1926-1971

Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1926-1971 -

Correspondence and research notes relating to biographical information compiled for labels attached to portraits of Warren County Circuit Court judges housed in the Warren County Justice Center. Copies of the labels and photos of five of the portraits are included. Detailed information about Judge John B. Rodes is included. Photos and unprinted negatives transferred to KL B8117-B8120.

Image of Temple Family

Temple Family -

Correspondence; financial and legal papers; genealogy and other material related to the Temple family of Warren County, Kentucky, particularly that of Adalaska L. and Mary Camilla (Miller) Temple and their daughter Ruth Hines Temple. Over 400 pieces of artwork on paper by the later are found in the collection, including pencil, as well as, pen and ink drawings, watercolors, pastels, and other graphic and creative design work.

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Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989 - Collector -

Correspondence, primarily to Jane (Hines) Morningstar of Bowling Green, Kentucky, responding to her providing of historical and genealogical information. Includes a letter from Detrex Chemical Industries thanking her for her cooperation during a labor controversy.

Image of Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989 - Collector

Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989 - Collector -

A letter regarding the genealogy of the Hall and Hines families, and a letter to Jane (Hines) Morningstar regarding fundraising for the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra.

Image of Mammoth Cave National Park Association

Mammoth Cave National Park Association -

Correspondence, financial papers, administrative papers including minutes of annual meetings, reports, maps and other sundry records of the Mammoth Cave National Park Association. The Association was established to obtain options for land purchases in the region and to oversee the day-to-day operations of the cave prior to its being designated a national park in 1941. Afterwards, it operated in more of an advisory/advocacy capacity.

Image of Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989

Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989 -

Miscellaneous letters to Jane (Hines) Morningstar, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Image of Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989

Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989 -

Miscellaneous letters and postcards to Jane (Hines) Morningstar, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Includes a satirical pledge to the Democratic Party and clippings relating to Morningstar's father-in-law, Bob Morningstar.

Image of Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989

Morningstar, Jane (Hines), 1904-1989 -

Letter written to Jane (Hines) Morningstar during a period of convalescence, from an unidentified friend in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He describes his recent activities and gives local news.

Image of Fleming, Rose Ellen (Cottrell), 1917-1984

Fleming, Rose Ellen (Cottrell), 1917-1984 -

Letter of Rose Ellen (Cottrell) Fleming, Jackson, Mississippi, to Jane (Hines) Morningstar, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 22 December 1969. She relates news of family and mutual friends.

Image of Gadd, Joseph Edwin, 1877-1968

Gadd, Joseph Edwin, 1877-1968 -

Memories of Bowling Green, Kentucky, 1880-1900, as recorded by Gadd in the 1960s. He lists residences, businesses, businessmen, professional people, and other historical data in his notes and accompanying letters. Includes related information, also.

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Valentine sent to Mrs. Roy B. Morningstar, March of Dimes Office, WKTC Building, Bowling Green, Ky. postmarked Bowling Green, Ky., Feb. 14, 1953. American Greeting Card 15V N-180-2. 14.5 x 12 cm. (folded)

Image of Jeffrey, Jonathan David

Jeffrey, Jonathan David -

Page proof of Growing with Bowling Green: A History of the Bowling Green Public Library, 1938-1988, c.1991 and written by Jonathan Jeffrey.

Image of Spiller, Cora Jane (Morningstar), b. 1926

Spiller, Cora Jane (Morningstar), b. 1926 -

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers of Cora Jane (Morningstar) Spiller. Included are letters to her and family members. A letter from retired dentist X. Elwood Sanders provides personal reminiscences, and another letter includes photos of Ford's Farm Cave.