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Name Neal, Mary Julia, 1905-1995
Nationality American
Occupation WKU Librarian
Archives Entries 41
Library Entries 3
Photo Entries 1

Associated Records

Image of Papers - Neal, Mary Julia, 1905-1995

Papers - Neal, Mary Julia, 1905-1995

Correspondence, speeches, and writings of Shaker scholar and English professor, Mary Julia Neal, a native of Auburn, Kentucky. Neal served as director of the Kentucky Library & Museum at Western Kentucky University from 1964 to 1972. Includes photos and correspondence with twentieth century eastern Shakers.

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Papers - Cooper, John Sherman, 1901-1991

.1 Letters (4) from U.S. Senator John Sherman Cooper to constituents dealing with various political issues - MSS

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Papers - Harlin, Maxey B., Jr., 1915-2003

Correspondence, reports, and minutes related to the Kentucky Constitution Review Commission, Constitution Review Committee, and the Constitution Review Assembly

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Papers - Watkins, Dianne (Winkler), b. 1941

Typed biography titled "Julia Neal," which discusses the professional career of Neal (7 p.); two oral interviews with Neal conducted by Dianne Watkins which discuss Neal's career and particularly her work related to the Shakers at South Union, Kentucky; photocopy of Neal's first article on the South Union Shakers in 1926 is also included.

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Papers - Allison, Young E., Jr., b. 1890

Letter from Young E. Allison, Jr., Louisville, Kentucky, to Julia Neal, Auburn, Kentucky, discussing Allison's father and Lucy Furnman

Image of Papers - Robertson, Gabrielle, 1889-1970

Papers - Robertson, Gabrielle, 1889-1970

Chiefly letters to Gabrielle Robertson, History Department faculty member, Western Kentucky University, 1916 to 1960. Of particular interest are those letters from former students serving in the military during World War II. Also includes genealogical materials and family photographs.

Image of Papers - Price, Sarah Frances "Sadie", 1849-1903

Papers - Price, Sarah Frances "Sadie", 1849-1903

Journal articles, scrapbook and botanical illustrations of Sarah Frances "Sadie" Price, a Bowling Green, Kentucky naturalist and artist. Also includes a copy of her book "Flora of Warren County, Kentucky" and a botanical card game "Phaenogamia" that she developed.

Image of Papers - Trout, Allan Mitchell, 1903-1972

Papers - Trout, Allan Mitchell, 1903-1972

Correspondence and writings relating to the career of Allan Mitchell Trout, political reporter and columnist for the Louisville Courier-Journal. Includes letters from readers, written mostly on the occasion of his retirement, collections of Trout's "Greetings" columns, speeches and articles, historical memorabilia, correspondence relating to the Allan M. Trout Collection at Western Kentucky University, and messages of sympathy to his wife after Trout's death.

Image of Records - Mammoth Cave National Park Association

Records - Mammoth Cave National Park Association

Correspondence, financial papers, administrative papers including minutes of annual meetings, reports, maps and other sundry records of the Mammoth Cave National Park Association. The Association was established to obtain options for land purchases in the region and to oversee the day-to-day operations of the cave prior to its being designated a national park in 1941. Afterwards, it operated in more of an advisory/advocacy capacity.

Image of Papers - Kentucky Library & Museum

Papers - Kentucky Library & Museum

Correspondence between authors and researchers and staff of the Kentucky Library & Museum, primarily regarding historical and genealogical resources. Correspondents also write about their work and publications.

Image of Papers - Thatcher, Maruice Hudson, 1870-1973

Papers - Thatcher, Maruice Hudson, 1870-1973

Letters, Christmas greetings, and poems of Maurice Hudson Thatcher, U. S. Congressman and Governor of the Panama Canal Zone. Includes a letter with genealogical information, a chronological history of the Mammoth Cave National Park Association from 1924-1926, a short speech, birthday greetings from President Richard M. Nixon, and an obituary article on Thatcher.

Image of Papers - Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-1979

Papers - Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-1979

Correspondence, book and article manuscripts, and research material of Alfred Leland Crabb, a native of Plum Springs, Warren County, Kentucky and a professor at George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tennessee. The topics of the manuscripts include historical fiction related to Nashville and Bowling Green, biographies of prominent Nashvillians, articles on all levels of education. Some of the unpublished material is fictional but draws from his Plum Springs school days and his experiences at Western Kentucky University.

Image of Papers - Authors - Various

Papers - Authors - Various

Correspondence between authors or poets and staff of the Kentucky Library & Museum, primarily regarding donations of their works and available library holdings. Correspondents also write about their activities and work in progress.

Image of Papers - Young, Berenice, b. 1866?

Papers - Young, Berenice, b. 1866?

Letters of Berenice Young to Jennie McKenney in Maquon, Illinois, concerning friends and school days at Glasgow Normal School, Glasgow, Kentucky, 1889-1893; includes correspondence from donor regarding the letters.

Image of Papers - Wood, William Roberts

Papers - Wood, William Roberts

Letter written by William Roberts Wood, Chicago, Illinois, to Margie Helm, Bowling Green, Kentucky, regarding genealogical information about the Yandell and Wood families. Also includes a letter from Miss Helm about the donation.

Image of Papers - Whitaker, Frances J. "Thomas," 1916-1994

Papers - Whitaker, Frances J. "Thomas," 1916-1994

Correspondence, research notes and manuscript articles of Frances J. "Thomas" Whitaker, a Benedictine monk who lived and worked at St. Maur's Priory, formerly the South Union Shaker Village in Logan County, Kentucky, from 1954-1988. He amassed a large collection of photocopied research material on the South Union community as well as other Shaker villages and museums in the United States. Also includes his research on various Catholic topics.

Image of Papers -

Papers -

Short notes and Christmas card sent to Margie Helm and a postcard sent to Helm relative to Louise Blakey. Also includes a typescript by Helm titled "The Early History of the Little Muddy Cumberland Presbyterian Church."

Image of Papers - Causey, Alonzo M.

Papers - Causey, Alonzo M.

Correspondence and clippings of letters written to newspaper editors and various people by Alonzo M. Causey of Bowling Green, Kentucky, 1935-1972 (39) and letter and press conference summary written in French and sent in reply to letter of Causey's to Charles de Gaulle, 1966.

Image of Papers - Moore, Mary (Taylor) Leiper

Papers - Moore, Mary (Taylor) Leiper

Correspondence chiefly of Mrs. Mary (Taylor) Leiper Moore, Librarian of the Kentucky Library, Bowling Green, Kentucky, with politicians, principally of Kentucky.

Image of Papers - Linton, Maurice

Papers - Linton, Maurice

Letter, 7 May 1967, from Maurice Ragland, Russellville, Kentucky to Julia Neal, Librarian, Kentucky Library, Bowling Green, containing a biographical sketch of Walter Butt, Frankfort, originally of Logan County, Kentucky.