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Name Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-1945
Birth Date 1882 Jan. 30
Place of Birth Hyde Park, New York
Death Date 1945 Apr. 12
Relationships Democratic Party
Places of Residence Hyde Park, New York (Birthplace)
Occupation New York State Senate, 1910 (Elected); 1912 (Re-elected)
Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1913 (Appointed)
U. S. Senator, 1914 (Defeated for the nomination for U. S. Senator in the New York Democratic Primary)
Vice-President, 1920 (Received the Democratic nomination for Vice-President with James Cox ticket, but lost to Harding)
Governor of New York, 1928 (Elected), 1930 (Re-elected)
President, 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944
Archives Entries 47
Library Entries 4
Object Entries 9
Photo Entries 4
Notes Have button with "Re-elect Roosevelt/Chandler", 1940 election

Associated Records

Image of Cox Family

Cox Family -

This small collection contains letters written to John H. Cox, Sr. of Hart County, Kentucky, as well as deeds and tobacco warehouse receipts. Most of the letters were written to Cox by his children or in-laws during 1945 while he was living with his brother, Wesley Cox, in Zionsville, Indiana. The letters exhibit the effects of World War II on a rural family. The chief correspondents include his children: John H. Cox, Jr., Laura Ester (Cox) Harper, Lucy (Cox) Sidebottom and his daughter-in-law, Hazle Cox. All of the correspondence dates from 1942 to 1945, with the bulk of it from February to November 1945. During that period, John, Jr. was serving in the U.S. Army in Japan, Ester was in

Image of View Full Record

The Program for the Dedication of Federal Monument to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 1934. 28 cm x 21.5 cm. This item was collected by noted Louisville-area political memorabilia collector Robert V. Westerman.

No Image Available

Logan, Anne -

Letter from Anne Logan, Frankfort, Germany, to her family detailing a furlough to London during which time she was entertained by Eleanor Roosevelt and attended the unveiling of a statue of president Franklin D. Roosevelt in Grosvenor Square.

Image of Kimbrough, Mary Alice (Sexton), 1907-1991

Kimbrough, Mary Alice (Sexton), 1907-1991 -

Duplicate of Easter postcard made by Kimbrough and sent to President Franklin Roosevelt, 4 April 1944. The design consists of tiny hand-cut pieces of postage stamps.

Image of Jenkins, William Marshall, Jr., 1918-2002

Jenkins, William Marshall, Jr., 1918-2002 -

Unpublished manuscript, "Mr. Democrat", about the political career of Alben W. Barkley, former U.S. Representative and Senator from Kentucky and former Vice President under Harry Truman. Chiefly excerpts from his speeches and remarks made on the floor of the House and Senate.

Image of Travelstead, Chester

Travelstead, Chester -

Chiefly personal and professional correspondence, speeches, journal articles, reminiscences and news clippings of noted educator Chester Coleman Travelstead. Of particular interest are the materials related to his 1955 dismissal from the University of South Carolina owing to his stance on racial integration. Also includes correspondence and diaries of his mother Nelle (Gooch) Travelstead, long-time Western Kentucky University faculty member.

No Image Available

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-1945 -

Letter written by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Martha Washington Jackson, Bowling Green, Kentucky, which expresses his thanks for her loyalty to the Democratic Party, and notes given on the history of Bowling Green by Jackson.

No Image Available

Goode, Cecil Earnest, b. 1915 -

Reminiscences by Cecil Earnest Goode titled "Recollections." He recalls his early life in Kentucky and Indiana, education at Purdue University, long career as a civil servant in Washington, D.C., work with the United Nations, and active retirement in his native Barren County, Kentucky.

Image of Robertson, Gabrielle, 1889-1970

Robertson, Gabrielle, 1889-1970 -

Chiefly letters to Gabrielle Robertson, History Department faculty member, Western Kentucky University, 1916 to 1960. Of particular interest are those letters from former students serving in the military during World War II. Also includes genealogical materials and family photographs.

Image of Nahm, Max Brunswick, 1864-1958

Nahm, Max Brunswick, 1864-1958 -

Correspondence of Max B. Nahm relating mainly to his involvement with the Mammoth Cave National Park Association and the Kentucky National Park Commission in the establishment of Mammoth Cave National Park, Edmonson County, Kentucky. Includes some Association and Commission minutes. Also includes some of Nahm's speeches, writings, personal photographs, and material relating to the Nahm family.

Image of Phelps, Lilburn

Phelps, Lilburn -

Papers pertaining to Lilburn Phelps's career as a lawyer and politician.

Image of Perguson, Dee Carl, Jr., 1921-2010

Perguson, Dee Carl, Jr., 1921-2010 -

Correspondence and diaries of Dee Carl Perguson, Jr., Horse Branch, Ohio County, Kentucky, and Seattle, Washington. Of interest are his letters written while serving in World War II in the United States, North Africa, and Italy, and his later memoirs of this period. Also of interest are diaries of his years as a student at Western Kentucky State Teachers College, 1939-1943. The collection also includes his recollections of growing up in Horse Branch in the 1920s and 1930s.

Image of Grider, Charles J.

Grider, Charles J. -

Dance cards, invitations, short narrative on Bowling Green dances, contracts with bands, guarantees of payment, telegrams and related items.

Image of Fridy, Wilford Eugene, b. 1934

Fridy, Wilford Eugene, b. 1934 -

Transcripts, notes, and cassette tapes for interviews conducted by Dr. Wilford Fridy with individuals who knew or knew about John Wesley Venable, Jr., the person on whom Robert Penn Warren based the character Bolton Lovehart in his novella Circus in the Attic. Interviews mention other people and places that Warren knew in Todd County, Kentucky. Also includes tapes of Robert Penn Warren giving a speech, reading some of his work, and an interview with Warren.

Image of Moore, Mary (Taylor) Leiper Moore, 1885-1973

Moore, Mary (Taylor) Leiper Moore, 1885-1973 -

Radio scripts, correspondence, research notes, and newspaper clippings of Kentucky Building director, Mary (Taylor) Leiper Moore. Moore served as director of the Kentucky Building at Western Kentucky University from 1931 to 1956. Also includes articles and speeches written by Moore.

Image of Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano -

Letter to George W. Burchette, Burkesville, Kentucky, from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Washington, D.C., which mentions that Burchette was a member of the funeral guard of Abraham Lincoln in Chicago, and which also expresses best wishes to him.

Image of Napier Collection

Napier Collection -

Letters, 1926-1952 (3), sermons and speeches (15), commencement program, 1913, memo books, 1920-1923 (2) of Baxter W. Napier, Sr., Methodist minister, 1882(?)-1971; Masonic tribute and receipt, 1895 (2) of I. S. Napier; and miscellaneous items, 1842, 1951 (8).

Image of View Full Record

Political pamphlet entitled "Why be a Democrat" explaining previous democratic presidents and why to vote John F. Kennedy into office. Published by the Democratic National Committee. United Publishing Co. 21.5 x 9 cm. (folded) From the papers of Congressman William Natcher.

Image of Morningstar, Robert Evans, 1866-1944

Morningstar, Robert Evans, 1866-1944 -

Photographs of celebrities that Robert Evans Morningstar, formerly of Bowling Green, Kentucky, used for promotional purposes. He was a booking agent for many notables who performed on the Lyceum and Chautauqua circuits in the early twentieth century.

Image of Depressions

Depressions -

Christmas card, with long message, written by Elizabeth of New York City to her sister (name and address unlisted). Evidently both sisters were originally from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Elizabeth comments on the Depression and expresses concern about the actions of President Roosevelt and his family, 1933. - MSS