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Name Travelstead, Will Gooch, 1909-1981
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Photo Entries 23

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Image of Travelstead, Chester

Travelstead, Chester -

Chiefly personal and professional correspondence, speeches, journal articles, reminiscences and news clippings of noted educator Chester Coleman Travelstead. Of particular interest are the materials related to his 1955 dismissal from the University of South Carolina owing to his stance on racial integration. Also includes correspondence and diaries of his mother Nelle (Gooch) Travelstead, long-time Western Kentucky University faculty member.

Image of Marshall, Nancy Carol (Richey), b. 1959

Marshall, Nancy Carol (Richey), b. 1959 -

Paper titled, "The Higher Road" about the life of long-time Western Kentucky University music professor Nelle Gooch Travelstead. The paper was written for a history class at Western Kentucky University.

Image of 1988.48.12 -

1988.48.12 -

Photograph of Chester and groomsmen at Chester & Marita Travelstead's wedding with Howard Hawley, (Marita's brother), Russell Cansler (friend from Bowling Green, Will Gooch Travelstead, (Chester's brother and best man).

Image of 1988.48.29 -

1988.48.29 -

Will Gooch (left) and Chester Travelstead and their maternal grandmother, Benona (Mrs.W.J Gooch) Coleman Gooch.

Image of 1988.48.42 -

1988.48.42 -

L-R are Chester Travelstead, Marita travelstead and Will Gooch Travelstead L-R in front, Coleman and Jimme Travelstead

Image of 1988.48.47 -

1988.48.47 -

L-R, seated, Chester and Nelle Travelstead L-R, standing, Coleman, Will Gooch, Jimmie Travelstead

Image of 1988.48.66 -

1988.48.66 -

Photographs made while Chester Travelstead was at the Greenlawn Cemetery in Franklin, KY on January 30, 1999. These photographs show the headstones of Gooch/Travelstead family members.

Image of 1988.48.67 -

1988.48.67 -

Left to right: P.H Gooch, Will Gooch Travelstead, Nelle Gooch Travelstead and W.J Gooch "Four generations of Gooches."

Image of 1988.48.70 -

1988.48.70 -

L-R, Chester and Will Gooch Travelstead

Image of 1988.48.106 -

1988.48.106 -

L-R, Chester Travelstead and Will Gooch Travelstead

Image of 1988.48.107 -

1988.48.107 -

L-R Chester Travelstead and Will Gooch Travelstead in a photographs taken by Cusick of Louisville, KY

Image of 1988.48.111 -

1988.48.111 -

Chester Travelstead and brother Will Gooch Travelstead with car

Image of 1988.48.113 -

1988.48.113 -

Will Gooch Travelstead in the Navy

Image of 1988.48.114 -

1988.48.114 -

Will Gooch Travelstead in his Navy "blues."

Image of 1988.48.115 -

1988.48.115 -

Will Gooch Travelstead shown while stationed in San Diego, CA.

Image of 1988.48.116 -

1988.48.116 -

Will Gooch Travelstead in a swimming suit.

Image of 1988.48.121 -

1988.48.121 -

L-R, Will Gooch Travelstead, Bonnie the horse, and Chester Travelstead at Proctor Court in Bowling Green, KY. Proctor Court was "just across Normal Blvd, from the WKU Campus in the early 1920s."

Image of 1988.48.124 -

1988.48.124 -

L-R Chester Travelstead, Will Gooch Travelstead and dog Betsy in the Proctor Court neighborhood in Bowling Green, KY. Proctor Court was "just across Normal Blvd, from the WKU Campus in the early 1920s."

Image of 1988.48.125 -

1988.48.125 -

L-R , Will Gooch Travelstead (with dog) and Chester Travelstead

Image of 1988.48.126 -

1988.48.126 -

Will Gooch Travelstead and friend in a photograph developed by Martin's Studio, 932 State Street, Bowling Green, KY