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Name Webster, Pauline (Martin) Tabor, 1905-1992
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Associated Records

Image of Bridges, Richard W.

Bridges, Richard W. -

Paper by Bridges titled "Congressman William H. Natcher: A Minister's Memoir", with lengthy details about Natcher's funeral in 1994

Image of Travelstead, Chester

Travelstead, Chester -

Chiefly personal and professional correspondence, speeches, journal articles, reminiscences and news clippings of noted educator Chester Coleman Travelstead. Of particular interest are the materials related to his 1955 dismissal from the University of South Carolina owing to his stance on racial integration. Also includes correspondence and diaries of his mother Nelle (Gooch) Travelstead, long-time Western Kentucky University faculty member.

Image of Parker, William Jerry

Parker, William Jerry -

"Lunch with Top:" interviews conducted with Jo Tilden "Top" Orendorf by several of his friends. Includes an index.

Image of Webster, Pauline (Martin) Tabor, 1905-1992

Webster, Pauline (Martin) Tabor, 1905-1992 -

Letter from Pauline Tabor Webster to David Helm, postmarked 25 March 1991, with color photograph of Webster taken Christmas 1990. The letter refers to the upcoming birthdays of Webster and her sister, and compliments Helm's mother.

Image of Hall, Dorthie Anne

Hall, Dorthie Anne -

Letters written to Dorthie Ann Hall, student and editor of the "College Heights Herald" at Western Kentucky Teachers College, Bowling Green, Kentucky during World War II. The male correspondents are all former students from Western and they describe military life in their specific service units and their specific locations around the world. They all express devotion to Western and ask details about the school, sports teams, and the Bowling Green community.

Image of McKenzie, George Anna (Duncan), b. 1935

McKenzie, George Anna (Duncan), b. 1935 -

Reminiscences of George Anna (Duncan) McKenzie from her early childhood in Bowling Green, Kentucky until 2010. Includes information about her parents and husband and her work in catering and fashion merchandising. Eventually she and her husband returned to Bowling Green restored an old family home and operated it as a bed-and-breakfast.

Image of May, Gloria

May, Gloria -

Two letters from Gloria May (Mrs. Philip S. May, Jr.), Jacksonville, Florida, to Cora Jane Spiller, Bowling Green, Kentucky, with personal news. She also relates anecdotes about the shopping habits of Pauline Tabor, a Bowling Green madam, and the luxuries she afforded her employees.

Image of Clark, Otis Vernon, Jr.

Clark, Otis Vernon, Jr. -

Chiefly letters from Otis Vernon Clark, Jr., Lexington, Virginia, to his parents, Otis and Susie. Letters detail university social life. Also included in the collection are miscellaneous photos, postcards, and letters.

Image of Webster, Pauline (Martin) Tabor, 1905-1992

Webster, Pauline (Martin) Tabor, 1905-1992 -

Cards and letters, 1984-1991 (10), from Pauline Tabor Webster, Universal City, Texas, to Mitchell Leichhardt, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Originally from Bowling Green, Webster discusses mutual friends, family affairs, and past and present events. Also related data.

Image of Webster, Pauline (Martin) Tabor, 1905-1992

Webster, Pauline (Martin) Tabor, 1905-1992 -

Card to David Helm, Bowling Green, Kentucky, in which Pauline Tabor Webster tells him she will look for a catalog of her 1973 antiques sale.

Image of Durston, James Marion, 1920-2011

Durston, James Marion, 1920-2011 -

Letters of James M. "Brandy" Durston, a Bowling Green, Kentucky chiropractor and later a resident of Southaven, Mississippi, with copious reminiscences of people and places in Bowling Green. Includes material relating primarily to Durston's church in Memphis, Tennessee.

Image of 1996.127.1 -

1996.127.1 -

Reprinted black and white photograph of Pauline Tabor Webster signed to "Ida, the way I looked, 1971, for my food pictures. Also that was when we were all going to parties. Good Old Days, Pauline Tabor Webster."

Image of 1996.127.2 -

1996.127.2 -

Small, color photograph of Pauline Tabor in a white coat. She is standing beside a cream colored automobile.

Image of 1996.127.3 -

1996.127.3 -

Small, color photograph of Pauline Tabor

Image of 1996.127.4 -

1996.127.4 -

Small, color photographs of Pauline Tabor standing in front of a house. She is wearing a black straw hat and a dress with black and white flower designs. The dress and hat are owned by the Kentucky Museum.

Image of 1996.127.5 -

1996.127.5 -

Small, color photograph of Pauline Tabor standing in front of a house.

Image of 1996.127.6 -

1996.127.6 -

Two small, color photographs of Pauline Tabor taken in December of 1989. The photograph is signed on the back by Tabor.

Image of 1996.127.7 -

1996.127.7 -

Small, color photograph of Pauline Tabor taken on Mother's Day of 1989.

Image of 1996.127.8 -

1996.127.8 -

Small, color photograph of Pauline Tabor taken on Thanksgiving Day in 1989. She notes that it was taken in her living room and the photograph was signed by Tabor.

Image of 1996.127.9 -

1996.127.9 -

Small, color photograph of Pauline Tabor taken during the Christmas season of 1989.