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Name Athletics (WKU)
Details College Heights Herald:
Casagrande, Michael. Western's Numbers Don't Add Up, Editorial, Feb. 17, 2005
Hightower, Kyle. Athletic Logo, Markings Will Get Makeover by Fall, Feb. 13, 2001
Mattias, Karen. President: Athletics Programs Must Become Profit Makers, Jan. 25, 1999, p. 10

Park City Daily News:
AD Announcement Could Some Monday, April 7, 1991
AD Candidate List Cut to Fewer than 10, Feb. 17, 1991
Athletic Budget Bears Watching, Editorial, Mar. 31, 1987
Athletic Department to Host Youth League Days, April 10, 1999
Bell, Bob. Where Is the Proof That Athletics Attract Students to the University? Editorial, Aug. 17, 2002
WKU Sports Higher Priority than Teachers, Editorial, Aug. 3, 2004
Boley on 6 Member Search Committee, Jan. 24, 1991
Borrone, Bert. Toppers' Winning Percentage in All Sports Whopping .680, July 4, 1971
Cetawayo, Ameerah. Merchandising At Western A Profitable Venture, Jan. 8, 2008
Chellgren, Mark. Free Athletics Tickets for Lawmakers May End, July 7, 1992
Compton, Michael. WKU, Diddle to Host Women's Ncaas in '09, Feb. 13, 2008, p. 1C, 3C
Crossley, Cynthia. WKU Athletic Program Nets Millions for School, Economics Professors Say,
Four Up for WKUAD Post, April 2, 1995
Frakes, Jason. Western Still Searching for AD, July 24, 1999, p. 1, 3B
WKU AD Search Underway, June 15, 1999
WKU Down to Three Finalists, Aug. 3, 1999
WKU Facing Athletic Issues, May 15, 1999, p. 1, 3B
WKU Tabs Athletics Leader, Aug. 9, 1999
WKU-Tech Tops List of Best Games, Editorial, Nov. 4, 1999, p. 4B
Gamblin, Bill. the Cost of the Game, Aug 10, 2000
Goodwin, David. Richards Says It's Time, and Resigns As AD At WKU, Nov. 22, 1994, p. 1D
Hilltopper Sports has New Online Address, June 22, 2001
Hunton, Diane. Ford's Furniture Is Big Supporter of Western, Editorial, Mar. 23, 2005
Jackson, Lisa. President Takes Control of Western's Athletics, Oct. 27, 1989
Jordan, Natalie. New Kiosks Offer Added Convenience for WKU Sports Fans, Dec. 27, 2006
Kenady, Kevin. Is Academic Excellence A Priority At University? Editorial, Mar. 9, 2001
Mathis, Mark. Western Coaches Prove to Be Among SBS's Best, Editorial, April 22, 1986, p. 1B, 3B
McCay, Austin. Is Western Kentucky University's Mission to Party Or Educate? Editorial, Mar. 1, 2001
Medley, Joe. AD Candidate Cooter Brings Feel for How It Was, Feb. 27, 1991
Athletics Minor WKU Choice, Nov. 21, 1989
Creativity, Innovation Needed in WKU Vacancy, Editorial, Oct. 30, 1996
Expected in Feb., New AD to Have More Help, Jan. 22, 1991
Feix Was Point Man At Key Time for Western Athletics, Editorial, May 3, 1991
Marciani Named AD, April 8, 1991
Marciani Said on Way Out As Western's AD, June 30, 1993
McElroy: Vision Key to Success in Athletics, Mar. 6, 1991
Sanderford Defends Experience, Mar. 12, 1991
Sanderford Up for AD; 3 Interviews Scheduled, Feb. 25, 1991
Sanderford, Marciani Appear to Be Strongest Contenders for AD Job, Editorial, Mar. 31, 1991, p. 1B, 2B
Serious WKU Athletics Debate Begins and It's About Time, Editorial, Dec. 13, 1990
Western's Athletics Budget Is Smaller, May 31, 1990
Western's Richards Steps Down, Nov. 21, 1994
WKU Athletics Certified with Conditions, June 1, 1995
WKU Bask in Academic Success, Editorial, April 28, 1991
WKU has Chance to Lead, Editorial, Aug. 8, 1989
WKU's Faculty Senate Calls Attention to Key Athletics Issue, Editorial, Mar. 20, 1991
Minor, Robyn. WKU Athletics Shift Grows, May 7, 2001, p. 1, 2A
WKU Campus No Sleeping Summer Giant, Aug. 7, 1994
Nations, Jeff. Big Weekend on Tap for All Western Fans, Nov. 9, 1999
Western Athletics Gets Good Review, Aug. 1, 1998, p. 3B
Needham, Joan. Hilltopper Sports Worth the Money, Editorial, Jan. 27, 1999
No AD Announcement Until Wednesday, Mar. 25, 1991
Noffsinger, John. Coach Is Right: Support Is Crucial, Editorial, July 3, 2001
Nov. 21, 1989
Orscheln, Wayne. Logo Change A Proven Success Factor, Editorial, Mar. 11, 2001
Paul, Smita. Plan Clouds WKU's Athletics Role, Dec. 13, 1990, p. 1
Private Donations Given to WKU Women's Basketball Puts Program in Elite Company, Feb. 3, 2006,
Promotion Nets $34,600-Plus for WKU, Aug. 26, 1992
Riley, Jason. Without A Balanced Budget Some Programs to Be Eliminated, Jan. 15, 1999, p. 1, 2A
WKU AD Sees No Need for Cuts, Oct. 28, 1999
WKU Athletics Cuts Are Pondered, Sept. 28, 1998, p. 1, 2A
WKU Athletics May Get Trim, Jan. 6, 1999
WKU to Cut Number of Complimentary Tickets Down, Jan. 30, 1999
Rivers, Margo. Head for the Red, Sept. 8, 2001, p. 1, 2A
Ross, Thomas. Western, BG Provide Professional Products, Editorial, June 30, 1985, p. 11A, 12
Sacramento State AD Up for Western Job, Mar. 1, 1991
Sanderford to Interview Tuesday for AD, Mar. 11, 1991
Selig: Football Key to WKU's Future, Aug. 17, 2008, p. 1B, 9B
Skaggs, William. Western Seeking Responsible Path, Editorial, Aug. 8, 2000
Stapleton, O.J. Athletics Part of University's Distinction, Oct. 26, 2006, p. 8
Countdown to New Logo Under Way, Editorial, July 13, 2001
Selig: WKU to Take Strong Look At 1-A Football, Feb. 6, 2005
Top Ten of 2004, Jan. 1, 2004, p. 1C, 3C
Western Achieves NCAA Certification, Oct. 30, 2004
Western Athletics Take A Cut, Aug. 6, 2004
Western Finds the Host with the Most, May 10, 2007, p. 1C, 3C
WKU Football Study Sought, April 12, 2005, p. 1A, 6A
WKU's Move to 1-A Tops 2006 Stories, Jan. 1, 2007, p. 3B, 5B
Still No News on Western Kentucky AD, April 1, 1991
Summers, Jason. WKU Urged to Study Its Athletic Spending, Mar. 17, 1991, p. 2A
Terhune, Jim. Marciani Is Names AD At Western with Red Towel, April 9, 1991, p. 1C, 2C
WBKO and WKU Reach TV Deal, Aug. 24, 2004
Western AD Announcement Postponed, Mar. 14, 1991
Western Changed School Colors from Red and Gray to Red and White for TV, Mar. 9, 1994, p. 1
Western Coaches Making Tour Stops, July 25, 2001
Western Kentucky Wins Bubas Cup, June 1, 2006, p. 2C
Whipple, Jack. Western Athletics has Hurt Loyal Fans, Editorial, Jan. 22, 1999
WKU Among Schools with Greatest Disparity in Female Participation, May 16, 1999
WKU Page Will Debut Wednesday, Sept. 21, 1999, p. 4B
WKU Wins Bubas Cup, May 21, 2008, p. 3C
WNKY-TV Airing Western Features, Mar. 23, 2004, p. 1C, 3C
Woehler, Eric. NCAA Restructuring Could Turn Into Ugly Battle, April 13, 1994, p. 1B, 3B

Louisville Courier-Journal:
Grant, Michael. WKU, Russell Athletic Reach $ 2 Million Deal, Aug. 18, 2007
Mcgeachy, Ashley. U of L's Pollio A Finalist to Be Western's AD, Aug. 5, 1999, p. 8D
Sanderford Withdraws Candidacy, April 6, 1991
Spears, Marc. Selig to Be Western's AD, Aug. 9, 1999
Western Names Committee to Screen AD Candidates, Jan. 25, 1991

Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer:
Hagan, Barry. Hilltopper Sports Deserve Better Coverage in Owensboro, Editorial, Aug. 7, 2001
Mathis, Mark. Pollio Would Be Wise Choice At WKU, Editorial, July 31, 1999, p. 1B
Norcia, Corky. Hilltopper Sports Will Be Carried on Local Radio, Editorial, Aug. 25, 2001
Pickens, Jim. Western Athletics Seeking Stability, Editorial, Aug. 9, 1999, p. 1C
Archives Entries 970
Library Entries 1
Object Entries 49
Photograph Entries 312

Associated Records

Image of Western Kentucky University - Hilltopper Athletic Foundation (WKU)
Hundred Club (WKU)
Lang Company

Western Kentucky University - Hilltopper Athletic Foundation (WKU) Hundred Club (WKU) Lang Company

Memorabilia has been donated by and collected from various sources. Many of the earliest artifacts have come into the WKU Archives with no surviving documentation. This record group has not been completely described, and will be added to as more artifacts and items make their way into the WKU Archives. Most of the items in the collection are for exhibit purposes only. Images may be requested from the WKU Archivist. Items may be pulled for researchers by prior appointment. If you have items that may be of interest to the WKU Archives, please contact us at <a href="">WKU Archives</a>. Large three-dimensional objects may be accessioned through the Kentucky Museum.

Image of Athletic Media Relations (WKU) - Alan Fabricant Photography
Houghton, Daniel
Imel, Joe 
Segnini Photography
Sofranko, Timothy
Stearman, Megan
Sun Belt Conference
Winter, Michael

Athletic Media Relations (WKU) - Alan Fabricant Photography Houghton, Daniel Imel, Joe Segnini Photography Sofranko, Timothy Stearman, Megan Sun Belt Conference Winter, Michael

Photographs taken by Athletic Media Relations staff members of WKU athletic faculty, staff, students, alumni and events. See container list for arrangement and description.

Image of Athletics (WKU)

Athletics (WKU) -

Records created by the WKU Athletics Department, especially the records of the Athletic Director and his immediate staff. Departmental records assigned as follows: 19/1 Baseball 19/2 Basketball 19/3 Football 19/4 Soccer 19/5 Women's Basketball 19/6 Men's Track & Cross Country 19/7 Women's Track & Cross Country 19/8 Women's Volleyball 19/9 Mascots 19/10 Softball 19/11 Riflery 19/12 Tennis 19/13 Golf 19/14 Men's Swimming 19/15 Women's Swimming 19/16 Rugby 19/17 Athletic Media Relations 19/18 Athletic Marketing

Image of Athletic Media Relations (WKU)

Athletic Media Relations (WKU) -

Records created by the WKU Athletic Media Relations Department. Files include media guides, press releases, newspaper clippings and student athletic biographical files. Files are arranged in the following sub-series: 1. Media Guides File 2. Press Releases File 3. Student Athlete Biographical File 4. Clippings File 5. Film/Video/Audio File 6. Posters File

Image of Athletic Media Relations (WKU)

Athletic Media Relations (WKU) -

An incomplete run of biographical information sheets created by student athletes to be used in the creation of press releases. The binders are arranged by year, by sport and alphabetically by student name. The sheets are in the form of questionnaires: Name Roster Name Sport Height and weight Academic class and major Hometown Parents, occupation Birthplace, date, marital status, spouse, children High school, junior college and other colleges, includes athletic statistics, honors and records held Post graduate plans Hobbies Famous relatives especially in athletics Hometown media outlets Sports included are baseball, men and women

Image of Athletic Media Relations (WKU)

Athletic Media Relations (WKU) -

Clippings related to the various sports played at WKU. Articles were clipped from College Heights Herald, Park City Daily News, Louisville Courier-Journal and USA Today among others. The clippings are arranged in binders in date order and have been futher subdivided: 1. Football 2. Basketball - Men 3. Basketball - Women 4. Baseball 5. Various Sports 6. Athletic Department

Image of Athletic Media Relations (WKU)

Athletic Media Relations (WKU) -

Media Guides prepared by WKU Athletic Media Relations for the various athletic teams. Early guides were created by the Office of Public Relations. This series also contains schedules, rosters, game and tournament programs and season statistics. Files are arranged in the following sub-series: 1. Baseball 2. Basketball, Men 3. Basketball, Women 4. Football 5. Golf 6. Soccer 7. Swimming & Diving, Men 8. Swimming & Diving, Women 9. Track & Field, Men 10. Track & Field, Women 11. Softball 12. Tennis 13. Volleyball 14. Gymnastics 15. Riflery 16. Rugby 17. Multiple Sports

Image of Athletic Media Relations (WKU)

Athletic Media Relations (WKU) -

Film, video dvds and audiotapes created by and about the Athletics Department. Files are arranged in the following sub-series: 1. Athletic Music 2. Athletics 3. Basketball, Mens 4. Basketball, Womens 5. Cheerleading 6. Coaches 7. Football 8. Golf 9. Halftime Shows 10. PSA's 11. Press Conferences 12. Sportsline

Image of Athletic Media Relations (WKU) - Jostens

Athletic Media Relations (WKU) - Jostens

Posters printed to advertise specific events, season schedules and teams. 1. Baseball 2. Basketball 3. Basketball, women 4. Football 5. Softball 6. Volleyball 7. Soccer 8. Track & Field 9. Swimming & Diving

Image of Football (WKU) - Bowling Green Daily News
Mayor, Bowling Green
Public Affairs (WKU)

Football (WKU) - Bowling Green Daily News Mayor, Bowling Green NCAA Public Affairs (WKU)

Records created by football coaches regarding athletes, activities, conferences and tournaments. These men have served as football coaches: 1913-14 - Macon Leiper, Roy Manchester 1914-16 - J.L. Arthur 1917-19 - no team 1920-21 - L.T. Smith 1922-28 - E.A. Diddle 1929-30 - Carl "Swede" Anderson 1930-31 - James Elam 1932 - Ernie Miller 1932-33 - Jesse Thomas 1934-37 - Carl "Swede" Anderson 1938-41 - W.L. "Gander" Terry 1942-43 - Arnold Winkenhofer 1943-45 - no team 1945-47 - Jesse Thomas 1948-56 - Jack Clayton 1957-67 - Nick Denes 1968-83 - Jimmy Feix 1984-88 - Dave Roberts 1989-02 - Jack Harbaugh 2003-09 - David Elson 2010-12 - Willie Taggart 2013 - Bobby Petino 2014

Image of Football (WKU)

Football (WKU) -

Football video and audio created by the Football Office of games, practices and press conferences.

Image of Academic Budgets & Administration (WKU)

Academic Budgets & Administration (WKU) -

Correspondence and subject files created by the office of Academic Budgets & Administration and its reporting offices: Academic Budgets Manager of Academic Resources PIE Grants Coordinator

Image of WKU President's Office - Thompson

WKU President's Office - Thompson -

Correspondence to and from Kelly Thompson regarding university administration and other issues, arranged alphabetically by subject and correspondent.

Image of Athletic Committee (WKU)

Athletic Committee (WKU) -

This is an artificial series created by culling Athletic Committee records from the President's Office files. It consists of meeting minutes, correspondence and reports. The early meeting minutes are incomplete through 1950. Topics routinely discussed were athletic schedules, awards, varsity standing of sports and compliance with conference and NCAA policies. Ohio Valley Conference meeting minutes and summaries of NCAA meetings are generally included.

Image of Golf (WKU)

Golf (WKU) -

Records created by golf coaches regarding schedules. The following men have coached Men's Golf: 1935 Jo Orendorf 1936-1938 no team 1939-1941 Arnold Winkenhofer 1942-1946 no team 1946-1978 Frank Griffin 1978-1986 Jim Richards 1986-1990 Norman Head 1990-1996 Lee Robertson 1996- Brian Tirpak The following people have coached Women's Golf: 1976-1979 Shirley Laney 1979-1986 Nancy Quarcelino 1986-1994 Kathy Teichert 1994-1999 Leslie Lawrence 2000-2008 Chuck Eison 2009-2014 Ron Burchette 2014- Adam Gary

Image of Track & Cross Country (WKU)

Track & Cross Country (WKU) -

Records created by track and field coaches regarding awards, meets and schedules. The following have served as coach for Men's Track & Cross Country: 1915-1916 J.L. Arthur 1917-1929 no team 1930 Carl "Swede" Anderson 1931 James Elam 1932-1933 Robert Francis 1934-1936 Carl "Swede" Anderson 1937-1942 William "Gander" Terry 1943-1946 no team 1947-1962 Turner Elrod 1962-1966 Tom Ecker 1966-1971 Burch Oglesby 1971-1974 Jerry Bean 1974-1980 Del Hessel 1980-2007 Curtiss Long 2008- Erik Jenkins

Image of Tennis (WKU)

Tennis (WKU) -

Records created by tennis coaches regarding schedules. The following have served as coaches for Men's Tennis: 1931 Leslie Hewes 1932-1934 no team 1935 Marvin Baker 1936-1938 Edgar Stansbury 1939-1942 Ted Hornback 1943-1945 no team 1946-1947 Ted Hornback 1947-1948 Dee Gibson 1948-1976 Ted Hornback 1977-1981 Ray Rose 1982-1989 Jeff True 1989-1990 Scott Vowels 1990-1994 Jody Bingham 1995- Jeff True The following have served as coaches for Women's Tennis: 1974-1981 Betty Langley 1981-1983 Katy Tinius 1984-1985 Yvonne Turner 1985-1990 Ray Rose 1991-2000 Laura Hudspeth 2001- Jeff True

Image of Womens Track & Cross Country (WKU)

Womens Track & Cross Country (WKU) -

Records created by track and field coaches regarding awards. The following have served as coach of the Women's Track & Cross Country team: 1974-1976 Shirley Laney 1976-1979 Carloa Coffey 1979-1982 Cecil Ward 1982-2007 Curtiss Long 2008- Erik, Jenkins

Image of Volleyball (WKU)

Volleyball (WKU) -

Records created by volleyball coaches regarding camps and team. The following have served as volleyball coaches: 1981-1989 Charlie Daniel 1990-1992 Jeff Hulsmeyer 1993-1994 Mark Hardaway 1995- Travis Hudson