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Name Clothing and dress
Archives Entries 50
Library Entries 1
Object Entries 443
Photograph Entries 625

Associated Records

Image of Ana Lee Briggs -

Ana Lee Briggs -

Real photo postcard of Ana Lee Briggs 14 x 8 cm.

Image of Mother's Pride -

Mother's Pride -

Print entitled, "Mother's Pride," showing a Mother pictured with her son in a lithograph from E. C. Kellogg

Image of Westwood Church of Christ, Glasgow, Ky., newsletter -

Westwood Church of Christ, Glasgow, Ky., newsletter -

The Gospel Answer newsletter, Volume V No. 13, June 20, 1976, published bi-weekly by the Westwood Church of Christ, Glasgow, KY. 21.5 x 17.7 cm. (folded). This newsletter focuses on the question of women wearing pants.

Image of Temperance Parade -

Temperance Parade -

Postcard image of a Temperance parade around Fountain Square Park in Bowling Green, KY.

Image of Fall fashion for 1851 -

Fall fashion for 1851 -

Fall fashion for 1851 highlighting female rights with notation of "A New Declaration of Independence."

Image of Jolly Playfellows -

Jolly Playfellows -

Print of two children with picture book entitled "Jolly Playfellows. The print shows a fine home with a bearskin rug, ornate Wallpaper, chairs and the children are dressed in lace and velvet.

Image of Two Ladies -

Two Ladies -

Image of two finely dressed Victorian era women, one is reading a letter. The print is signed by Barnard.

Image of Le Follet Menswear Illustration -

Le Follet Menswear Illustration -

Le Follet Illustration dating from1845. Illustration from a popular Parisian fashion plate magazine entitled "Le Follet. " Image shows three upper class gentlemen, two are standing and one is seated on a Victorian style sofa. The two standing are wearing 19th century clothing, including top hats, vests, and frock coats. Both men are holding canes. The gentleman seated wears similar attire, sans top hat and cane. 8" x 10"

Image of E.A. Wright Print -

E.A. Wright Print -

Print copyrighted in 1913 and engraved by E.A. Wright of Philadelphia. Image features a young woman with a fur coat and a large hat adorned with green feathers. She looks over her shoulder and to the right.

Image of Modes and Fabrics -

Modes and Fabrics -

The cover from October, 1900 "Modes and Fabrics" catalog as published by Jas. [James] Cuthbertson of Bowling Green, KY. The store sold dry goods, shoes and notions. The cover shows a young woman dress in a dark coat with a stand up collar and cape. On the back is an advertisement from Wright Bust Form company and the Axena Electric Bust Perfector.

Image of Godey's Lady's Book Engraving -

Godey's Lady's Book Engraving -

Engraving from Godey's Lady's Book, a popular ladies' magazine that was widely circulated in the U.S. during the mid-1800s. Engraving is possibly an image of Queen Victoria. She wears a navy blue floor length dress, cinched at the waist. She has a lighter blue sash worn over one shoulder and a gold crown upon her head. There is a scepter and crown on a table to the right. 13 x 20 cm.

Image of Street Etiquette -

Street Etiquette -

Black and white engraving of a man and woman. The man wears slacks and sweater with a newsboy cap. The woman is wearing a "Gibson Girl" dress with waistcoat, full skirt and bustle. They are holding tennis rackets.

Image of Martha Jenkins -

Martha Jenkins -

Image of Martha Jenkins in a swing coat; the photograph was taken in 1959 while Jenkins was living in Louisiana.

Image of One Hundred Years Of Fashion -

One Hundred Years Of Fashion -

Page from an encyclopedia showing the evolution of dress for women

Image of Master Tailored Clothes Catalog Sheet -

Master Tailored Clothes Catalog Sheet -

Two pages from Strauss Brothers "Master Tailored Clothes" sample catalog from 1929. The illustrations include a man in a long, striped tailored coat who is talking on the telephone. He is wearing the "Three Button Sack, soft roll with semi-peaked lapels." On the back of the pages, there were samples of the fabrics for the production of the suit. The other page "Genuine Crompton Richmond "All Weather Corduroys" include fabric samples and the "Newest Silk Vestings" samples with Fine silk, High Grade, and the "Very Finest Silk Vesting in the latest coloring."

Image of Louise Barker Moore -

Louise Barker Moore -

Postcard photograph of Louise Barker Moore. She is associated with the Moore and Venable families of Hopkinsville, KY.

Image of Mildred Potter Lissauer -

Mildred Potter Lissauer -

Blank postcard photograph of Mildred Potter Lissauer, she is shown wearing a black dress and pearls. 14 x 8 cm.

Image of Mildred Potter -

Mildred Potter -

Postcard photograph of Mildred Potter; she is shown wearing a long striped coat with a fur collar, a velvet hat and button shoes. 14 x 8 cm.

Image of Bowling Green, KY Faculty -

Bowling Green, KY Faculty -

Postcard photograph of a group of people identified as "Entire Faculty;" Professor Brown, Professor Wall, Beulah Snyder, Kathleen Winchell, Mrs. Hamill, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Litsey.Please help identify the persons in this photograph, send information using the feedback button or by calling 270-745-5083. 14 x 8 cm.

Image of Mildred Potter Lissauer -

Mildred Potter Lissauer -

Postcard photograph of Mildred Potter with "Uncle Ted" and Patty and Minna. They are at "The Pines" in St. Petersburg, FL. 14 x 8 cm.