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Name Thompson Science Complex (WKU)
Details Other Names - Kelly Thompson Science Hall
Date Built - 1961
Cost of Construction - $1,300,000
Architects - Frank Cain & R. Ben Johnson Associates


Dr. Kelly Thompson was appointed president of Western October 17, 1955. Prior to that time he had served twenty-six years as a member of the administrative staff as field representative, director of public relations, assistant to the president, and acting president following the death of Western's second president, Dr. Paul L. Garrett, February 28, 1955. He entered Western as a freshman in September, 1928, and was employed as a field representative by Dr. H.H. Cherry, Western's first president, in June, 1929.

Dr. Thompson was born in Lebanon, Kentucky, the son of C.B. and Josephine Thompson. He received the B.A. degree in 1935, and the M.A. degree in 1943, from Western. He was awarded the L.L.D. degree in 1957 by Morris Harvey College. He has long been active in civic and professional organizations and has distinguished himself by his significant contributions to higher education.

~excerpt from Thompson Science Complex dedication program


The original 75,000 square foot, three story Kelly Thompson Science Hall was completed in 1961. It brought the departments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics back into a single building and open space in Cherry Hall for other departments. The building became the north wing of the larger Thompson Science Complex in 1967. The complex was made up of the original north wing and a four story central wing next to the Hardin Planetarium. The original building became classroom space and departmental offices were transferred to the central wing. Mathematics was brought into the complex as well.


1967 - Central Wing

1987 - asbestos removal

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Documents & Primary Sources

UA1C1 Views - Inventory -

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UA1C11/1 Public Relations Collection - Inventory -

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March 1, 1961 -

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August 8, 1966 -

UA3/3 Kelly Thompson President's Papers

Construction File - Inventory -

Speech File - Inventory -

Subject / Correspondence File - Inventory -

Dedication Broadcast Transcript -

UA11 University Relations

Building & Construction File

UA30/1/1 Planning, Design & Construction - Blueprints, Drawings & Plans - Inventory -

UA68/8/2 Oral History Committee

Georgia Bates Interview - Transcript -
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Blueprints, drawings and plans of WKU buildings and campus created by the Department of Planning, Design & Construction.

Image of UA1C WKU Archives Photograph Collection Series 2. Buildings - WKU Archives

UA1C WKU Archives Photograph Collection Series 2. Buildings - WKU Archives

Photographs, negatives, postcards, drawings, slides and digital images of Western Kentucky University buildings. Includes buildings of founding institutions. Subseries 1. Academic Athletic Performance Center / Diddle Arena Subseries 2. Academic Complex Subseries 3. Agricultural Exposition Center Subseries 4. Proposed Buildings Subseries 5. Barnes-Campbell Subseries 6. Barracks Subseries 7. Bates-Runner Subseries 8. Bemis Lawrence Subseries 9. Cabell Hall Subseries 10. Cedar House aka Faculty House Subseries 11. West Hall Subseries 12. Unidentified Subseries 13. Cherry Hall, 1937+ Subseries 14. Glasgow Normal School Subseries

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Image of Unidentified Students - Unknown

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