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Name Training School (WKU)
Archives Entries 105
Library Entries 1
Object Entries 6
Photograph Entries 349

Associated Records

Image of WKU President's Office - Downing

WKU President's Office - Downing -

Records regarding the planning, construction and maintenance of buildings on the WKU campus. Downing held several positions at WKU before becoming president. Some of these records date to that earlier period.

Image of Education (WKU) - College High (WKU)
Training School (WKU)
University High (WKU)

Education (WKU) - College High (WKU) Training School (WKU) University High (WKU)

Memorabilia related to Training School & College High School.

Image of Richardson, Sarah Pickett, b. 1944

Richardson, Sarah Pickett, b. 1944 -

Collection of Training School and College High photographs pulled from UA94.7.1 Sarah Richardson Papers.

Image of Education (WKU) - Training School (WKU)

Education (WKU) - Training School (WKU)

Projects created by students at the training school.

Image of WKU Archives

WKU Archives -

Images of College High Hall. See also UA1C4.13 Departmental Photographs for Training School / College High classes and activities.

Image of WKU Archives - Cherry, William

WKU Archives - Cherry, William

Electronic and multimedia resources created by WKU Archives regarding Western Kentucky University departments and history. Non-WKU created ephemera related to WKU history.

Image of Alumni Relations (WKU)

Alumni Relations (WKU) -

Invitations, programs and recordings of Golden Anniversary Club and class reunion events.

Image of Education (WKU) - College High (WKU)
Training School (WKU)

Education (WKU) - College High (WKU) Training School (WKU)

Records created by administrators of the school. Records include accreditation reports, attendance data, curriculum guides, textbook reports, letterhead, student teacher evaluations and commencement programs.

Image of Education (WKU) - College High (WKU)
Training School (WKU)

Education (WKU) - College High (WKU) Training School (WKU)

Records created by and about Training School / College High departments. Athletics Classes - includes grades and class lists English Library Music Theatre

Image of Education (WKU) - College High (WKU)
Training School (WKU)
University High (WKU)

Education (WKU) - College High (WKU) Training School (WKU) University High (WKU)

Publications created by and about the Training School and College High. Includes catalogs, schedules and student newspapers.

Image of Adams, Marion

Adams, Marion -

Records created by and about Marion Adams and collected by her during her years at WKU Training School and College High. The collection includes school books, correspondence and report cards.

Image of Hunter, Lavinia

Hunter, Lavinia -

Photograph collection compiled by Lavinia Hunter during her time working at the Training School. Consists mainly of student portraits of first graders. Also included are some classroom photos and other teachers.

Image of Franklin Studio

Franklin Studio -

Photographs created by Franklin Studios arranged in numerical order. Images are generally numbered and duplicates are found throughout the WKU Archives Photograph Collections, especially for individual buildings. See container list for list of images in other locations.

Image of Bale, Gertrude

Bale, Gertrude -

Photographs donated by Gertrude Bale estate.

Image of Student Publications (WKU)

Student Publications (WKU) -

College Heights Herald, Vol. 48, No. 6, available online at: <a href=""></a>. Rally, Bonfire to Kindle Hot Weekend Homecoming Queen to be Named at Game Richard Nixon, Marlowe Cook Win Mock Election Connelly, Linda & Gail Barton. Bergen Evans Challenges Never Stop Searching for Meaning of Justice Community Concert Year to Open with James Dick Tonight - 'Apollo' Opens Grades Overshadow Classroom Learning George Wallace Support Threatens Two-Party Political System Public Defenders React Ominously to Discontent Tucker, Bruce. The George Wallace Myth Student Editors Choose Richard Nix

Image of Mills, Barbara Ann (Tucker)

Mills, Barbara Ann (Tucker) -

Barbara Ann (Tucker) Mills writes of her life growing up in a home in Bowling Green, Kentucky that provided rooms and meals for students at Western Kentucky State Teachers College and Bowling Green Business University during the 1930s and 1940s. Her parents, known and "Ma Tucker" and "Pa Tucker," operated boardinghouses located on College Street. Also includes two family photographs.

Image of Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University -

Interview conducted by Paula Trafton with Gertrude Bale retired music education teacher.

Image of Student Affairs (WKU)

Student Affairs (WKU) -

College Heights Herald, Vol. 27, No. 4-Z245 available online at: <a href=""></a>. WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include: Birds I View Looking Backward Hilltopics Mind Your Manners Kentucky Building News Alumni News Book Marks Society Page Faculty Notes Training School Notes Club News Campus Crossfire – cartoon Looking Around Articles in this issue: Students, Faculty Elect 28 Seniors to “Who’s Who” Modern Minstrel to Give Chapel Show Nov. 27 Grid Victory is Top Event of Homecoming Toppers Meet OVC Cham